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We take the hard work out of selling online and puts your products in front of millions of customers. Let us make your product available directly on your website and others like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy,, Walmart and more. 

• Multichannel e-commerce and wholesale services 
• Inventory management, SKU/UPC generation 
• Create product listings, including information and photographs (if needed) to meet the requirements of each platform 
• Manage customer service request  
• Develop pricing strategies 
• Logistics – Establish shipping accounts for fulfillment
• Source packaging supplies and material

Website & Digital Media Design 
• Design and create websites for personal and professional use 
   o Business Websites 
   o Online Store 
   o Landing Page 
   o Blogs 
   o Personal Use: Weddings, Baby Showers, E-vites, Resumes 

• Design online media 
   o Flyers, pamphlets, sales presentations
   o Social Media post 
   o Logos 
   o Business Cards

Image by William Iven
Image by NeONBRAND